My experience with

Everything started before we went to Italy. Because we decided to go to Rome on Easter holidays I have decided to reserve a car in advance. Prices were high at this time of year so I have used to find the cheap offer. Everything looked fine. I have found nice car for reasonable price. I also ordered a full insurance a and I paid  290 Euro directly to That was the huge mistake. Here is my Holiday Cars review.

When we came to Sixt rental company the first problems appeared. In Sixt they have reserved car from with limited mileage. I am pretty sure that I didn’t order car with limited mileage but this was not so big issue. Bigger issue was that I ordered full insurance from it meant that from Sixt car rental I obtained just the basic coverage (almost nothing). If something happen I had to pay more than 3500 Euro to rental company and then I had to ask HolidayCars if they will cover my accident. Ok, his could be solved as well. The biggest problem was that rental company didn’t accept debit cards – just credit cards which I didn’t have. I admit that this was my mistake. The problem was that if this would happen directly with rental company it could be solved directly with rental company or I could go to other company which didn’t require credit card in case I order car with full coverage (directly at company). Because I paid to HolidayCars, they simply said that they can’t refund the order (before pickup time). I that time I started to suspect that I wasted almost three hundreds euro. We tried to communicate with but they wasn’t able to solve anything. Honestly I thing thy don’t want to solve anything. The result was I had to rent a car from different company almost for 500 euro. But this rental company offered full coverage (real insurance that in case of accident you don’t pay anything) so I didn’t need the credit card.

Arguing with

We have enjoyed wonderful time in Tuscany. When we arrive back home I tried to talk about refunding at least part of money I have paid to I had to call with operator, then I had to send call history to prove that we tried to solve the issue before pickup time and the contract with another rental company to prove that we didn’t rent car we have originally reserved. I have sent everything. They also need photo of my bank card – when I refused that they mentioned that they don’t need every number. Ok, then I send it to them. Answer of was expectable – “Sorry, this is not credit card, by ours Terms and Conditions you had to have credit card. Any refund is refused.”  As I have said I understand that I have to read their Terms and Conditions more carefully. I have asked what kind of services I got for 290 euro. They replied “We have reserved car for you”. Sorry guys this is almost for 300 euro really not worth.

Summary of my experience with

Originally Í though that is something like I though they will help to find good offer and will guarantee the level of services. The opposite is right. are useless part of process. They can’t help you with anything. The only purpose is to get money from you and then they don’t care. This experience cost me 290 euro. I hope you won’t have to pay as well. review in short

  • Don’t rent car from brokers like
  • com won’t help you.
  • com’s insurance means just basic coverage at rental company.
  • If you will do any mistake doesn’t care. Your fault = their easy money.

I am lucky that I have lost just 290 euro it could be much more. The most important aspect of behavior of is that if you go for holiday you want feel save and relaxed. This behavior when they try to punish you anytime you make a mistake is horrible. In my eyes they are just scammers and parasites without any added value for customer even for rental company.

If you want rent a car, rent it directly. That’s my advice how to not loose the money.

EDIT 15th of June 2018:

I have posts my review on few review sites like TripAdvisor, TrustPilot or SiteJabber. replied pretty fast. Both replies are similar.

In short they say I am sorry but it’s your fault you loose the money with us! 


WTF? I have made a mistake. It can happen. Funny thing is that I have paid the reservation and insurance by debit card. In this case nobody from took care of that. I understand. wants money on their account. And that’s the problem. I can’t imagine that I would rent a car with them for e.g. three weeks it could cost me 2000 euros.

That’s the point.

Everybody can make a mistake. I want rental company that can help me with my mistakes not the company that will profit from my mistakes like